Samsung Electronic Joint Based Consultation Applies for Patent on Hub Device, Multi-Device System Including Hub Device and Plurality of Devices and Methods of Operating Hub Device and Multi-Device System

Published date28 January 2023
Publication titleGlobal IP News (India)
The patent application number is CN20208070462 20201030. The patent publication number is CN114514575 (A). International Patent Classification codes are G10L15/22, G10L15/30, H04L67/12, H04N21/236, H04N21/24, H04N21/258 and H04N21/262. Cooperative Patent Classification codes are G10L15/22 (CN), G10L15/30 (CN), H04L67/12 (CN), H04N21/236 (CN, US), H04N21/24 (CN, US), H04N21/25891 (CN, US), H04N21/262 (CN, US), H04N21/414 (EP), H04N21/42203 (EP), H04N21/42204 (EP), H04N21/436 (EP), H04N21/44227 (EP) and H04N21/6547 (EP)

The abstract of the patent published by the State Intellectual Property Office of China states: "A method performed by a hub device for storing a voice assistant model for controlling a device, the method comprising: receiving information about a first device connected to the hub device, requesting a voice assistant server to update a device determination model stored in the hub device...

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