S. Narayan and Sreeradha Datta (Eds.), Bangladesh at 50: Development and Challenges

Published date01 June 2021
AuthorSouradeep Sen
Date01 June 2021
Subject MatterBook Review
Jadavpur Journal of
International Relations
25(1) 132 –136, 2021
© 2021 Jadavpur University
Reprints and permissions:
DOI: 10.1177/09735984211000562
Book Review
S. Narayan and Sreeradha Datta (Eds.), Bangladesh at 50:
Development and Challenges. Orient BlackSwan, 2020,
xxvi+265 pp., ``595 (paperback). ISBN: 9789390122608.
In the recent past, there has been a steady proliferation of books and
other resource materials on Bangladesh, from national and regional
publication houses in India. Such resources have dealt with the country’s
impressive contemporary economic growth, its democratic experiments
and foreign policies, the status of human security within its realms, the
socio-political implications of the ongoing Islamization of its personal
and political spheres; and not to mention, the implications of the latter on
its special relationship with India. However, an edited volume
encompassing a wide variety of issues concerning Bangladesh—such as
the one presently under review—is indeed a delight for the academic
community. The breadth of the issues covered, the methodologies
employed, and the arguments proffered within the ambit of a slim
volume, are enough to impress both the uninitiated and the experts. The
editors of the present volume have performed an admirable task: by
setting the stage for further inquiries in the introduction, and by
strategically placing the chapters, they have been successful in evoking
a sense of critical investigation and completion. However, akin to every
extensive volume on a country’s history and its domestic and foreign
policies, the present book—as a conventional take on Bangladesh’s
economic development and its myriad socio-political and economic
challenges—also suffers from some shortcomings. This review would
simultaneously highlight the book’s structure and achievements, and its
ostensible loopholes.

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