CIC/SA/A/2015/000743. Case: A.S. Berar Vs Dte of Education (East). Central Information Commission

Case NumberCIC/SA/A/2015/000743
CounselFor Appellant: Raghbir Singh and Party-in-Person and For Respondents: Neha Shankar, Superintendent
JudgesM. Sridhar Acharyulu (Madabhushi Sridhar), Information Commissioner
IssueRight to Information
Judgement DateJuly 24, 2015
CourtCentral Information Commission

Court Information Central Information Commission Cases
Judgment Date 24-Jul-2015
Party Details A.S. Berar Vs Dte of Education (East)
Case No CIC/SA/A/2015/000743
Judges M. Sridhar Acharyulu (Madabhushi Sridhar), Information Commissioner
Advocates For Appellant: Raghbir Singh and Party-in-Person and For Respondents: Neha Shankar, Superintendent
Acts Right to Information


M. Sridhar Acharyulu (Madabhushi Sridhar), Information Commissioner

1. The appellant is present along with Dr. Raghbir Singh. The Public Authority is represented by Ms. Neha Shankar, Superintendent (RTI)


2. Appellant by his RTI application had sought to know how many students opted for Punjabi as a third language in Class VI in each school of East District in the academic year 2014-15. PIO by his letter dated 27.03.2015 requested the appellant to submit fee for providing 3 pages. Challenging this, appellant filed first appeal. FAA by his order dated 28.04.2015 upheld the information furnished by the PIO. Appellant approached the Commission.


3. Both the parties made their submissions. The appellant submitted that he had got information only for 58 schools out of 100 schools for which he had asked for the information regarding the number of students who opted Punjabi as 3rd language during the academic year 2014-15.

4. The PIO on 27.3.2015 wrote to Lt. Col. Berar, appellant that he could collect information from their office on payment of Rs. 2 per page. When asked whether they are charging for three documents the RTI superintendent said 'no', they have typed the information based on responses from 58 schools and for that compilation of information typed in three pages, she was charging Rs. 6. This is yet another case where PIO held up information for paltry amount. It is not the question of realization of RTI Fee of Rs. 10, not even cost of copying, it is a peculiar charge. Demand of charges for a covering letter written by PIO.

5. Senior Law Officer (retd) Dr. Raghbir Singh (ILS) was highly critical of the way the department demanded charges like this. He explained they can charge Rs. 2 per page, only when they copy the documents.

6. Neither the Act nor Rules said anywhere that the public authority should charge Rs. 2 for writing a response or answering certain points under RTI, like yes or no or information attached. The Act does not provide for pricing the information or collecting cost for...

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