Reporting Format for the Issue and Operations of ATM-Cum-Debit Cards

Updated atJanuary 2009
  1. Name of the Bank-

  2. Period of Reporting-

  3. Type of the card with hardware components-(IC Chip) eg., Magnetic strip, CPU, Memory-

  4. Type of the software used-

  5. Security standards followed-

  6. Service provider (Self or otherwise)-

  7. Total number of outlets where the ATM-cum-debit card can be used of which-

    (a) POS Terminal-
    (b) Merchant Establishment-
    (c) ATMs-
    (d) Others please specify.

  8. Total number of cards issued-of which-

    (a) against Currant account-
    (b) against Savings account-
    (c) against Float Account-

  9. Total Number of Transactions during the period-

  10. Amount involved in the Total Number of Transactions-

  11. Instances of frauds, if any, during the period.

    (a) No. of frauds-
    (b) Amount Involved-
    (c) Amount of loss to the bank-
    (d) Amount of...

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