Recent Issues in Politics, Preamble and Constitution of India: An Overview

Published date01 March 2023
Date01 March 2023
Subject MatterArticles
Recent Issues in
Politics, Preamble
and Constitution of
India: An Overview
Abhinav Kumar1
When India is marching to celebrate seventy-five years of Independence, Indian
politics has undergone several changes. India has seen one-party dominance, the
Emergency period, multi-party alliances, a crisis to the Constitution and much
more. Many political parties and socio-political movements have come and gone
through the passage of time. Many new streams of thoughts, personalities and
movements have emerged. But whatever exists now owes its existence to the
legacy of the previous years. Hence, it is necessary to understand and have a
general idea of politics of post-colonial India.
This article seeks to draw an overview of the political history of India since
its Independence up to the current period; from the Congress System after
Independence, to the Emergency period under Indira Gandhi, and finally the
surge and dominance of the BJP in 2014 and 2019. Focus would be laid on major
issues and debates of the respective periods: Current political issues, such as the
Citizenship Amendment Act, protests over the farm laws and other issues have
raised the debate on the wording of the Preamble and the rights guaranteed by
the Constitution of India.
Indian politics, Political history, Independence, Preamble, Constitution
In 1947, India gained Independence in challenging circumstances (Guha, 2017).
With the backdrop of the Partition, integration of princely states into the Indian
Union and separatist tendencies, Indian leaders could have easily chosen an
Indian Journal of Public
69(1) 8–21, 2023
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Reprints and permissions:
DOI: 10.1177/00195561221109063
1 Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, India.
Corresponding author:
Abhinav Kumar, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, Chhatra Marg, New Delhi 110007, India.

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