Quarterly Statement on Assets acquired, securitized and reconstructed

Updated atFebruary 2009


Quarterly Statement on Assets acquired, securitized and reconstructed

Statement for the quarter ended March/June/September/December* 20 _

Name of the SC/RC:

Date of grant of Certificate of Registration:

Date of commencement of business:

Part- A

(Amount Rs. in lakh)

Liabilities Amount
Owned Funds (as defined in para 3(1)(viii) of the Securitisation Companies and Reconstruction companies (Reserve Bank) Guidelines and Directions, 2003) ______
(i) Paid Up Equity Capital @ _______
(ii) Compulsorily convertible Preference shares _______
(iii) Free Reserves Excluding Revaluation Reserve _______
(iv) Credit balance of P & L A/c _______
Sub-Total _______ Less: (a) Debit Balance of P& L A/c (b) Misc. Expenditure to the extent not written off or adjusted (c) Intangibles Assets (d) under/short provisions against NPA (e) Others as detailed in paragraph 3(1) (viii) ibid.
Borrowings from banks/FIs
Current liabilities and Provisions
Other Liabilities

* strike out whichever is not applicable

Of the Paid Up Equity Capital, Amount of Foreign Direct Investment (In Rs lakh) may be indicated as footnote as under:

Name of the Overseas Entity Date of Investment Amount of FDI (in Foreign currency and Rupees equivalent) % of Paid UP Equity Capital of the SC/RC

Part B

Acquisition/Realisation of financial assets from banks/FIs in terms of Section 9 of the SARFAESI Act, 2002

(Amount Rs. in lakh)

Sr. No. Particulars As at end of previous quarter (1) Position during the quarter (2) Total as at end of quarter ................ (1+2)
Assets acquired from banks/FIs - Book value
Cost of acquisition of assets, at (1) above, by the SC/RC
(a) Of above, consideration paid by issue of bonds and debentures
(b) Of above, consideration paid by cash
( c) of above, consideration paid by issue of SRs
Of (2) above, value of the assets transferred to the Trust for securitisation
Of 2, above asset resolved (Total = a+b+c+d+e+f+g)
(a) by change in management
(b) by take over of management
(b) by sale of business
(c) by lease of business
(d) by reschedulement of payment of debt
(e) by enforcement of security interest
(f) by

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