Public Attitude Towards e-Governance Practices in Developing Societies: A Case Study of SUWIDHA Project in Punjab

Published date01 September 2020
Date01 September 2020
Subject MatterArticles
Public Attitude
Towards e-Governance
Practices in Developing
Societies: A Case Study
of SUWIDHA Project
in Punjab*
Harpreet Singh1 and Renu Kapila2
E-governance practices are going through a transitional phase in developing soci-
eties like India. However, several impediments restrict them from becoming an
effective means of interaction between government and citizens. The present
study is an attempt to comprehend the citizens’ attitude and their level of readi-
ness to accept the e-governance practices in online service delivery in the state
of Punjab in India. It is based on the field survey of various SUWIDHA Kendras
(now called Sewa Kendras Type I) in Punjab, where a sample of 240 users was
covered with the help of interview schedule and observations. One district from
each of the three regions of Punjab was selected randomly: Tarn Taran of Majha,
Sangrur of Malwa and Hoshiarpur of Doaba. The results of this study show that
the usage of e-governance practices as a popular medium is seriously limited by
the public attitude. The main reasons are deficient e-governance infrastructure
and apathetic public due to lack of computer literacy/e-readiness. The study
establishes that, in order to implement e-governance successfully, not only a
developed infrastructure but also behavioural changes in citizenry are required
in developing societies.
SUWIDHA, E-Governance Practices, Public Attitude, Developing Societies, Service
* This is the modif‌ied version of the paper presented at the 4th International Conference on Public
Policy (ICPP4), Montreal (Canada), June 26-28, 2019.
1 University College Benra (Dhuri), Sangrur, Punjab, India.
2 Department of Public Administration, Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab, India.
Indian Journal of Public
66(3) 356–370, 2020
© 2020 IIPA
Reprints and permissions:
DOI: 10.1177/0019556120957416
Corresponding author:
Harpreet Singh, University College Benra (Dhuri), Sangrur, Punjab 148024, India.

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