Prevention of Psychological Abuse in Paediatric Populations

Published date01 October 2019
AuthorKatelyn Rinker
Date01 October 2019
Subject MatterArticles
09_VVJ885500.indd Article
Prevention of
Journal of Victimology
and Victim Justice
Psychological Abuse in
2(2) 236–240, 2019
2019 National Law
Paediatric Populations
University Delhi
Reprints and permissions:
DOI: 10.1177/2516606919885500
Katelyn Rinker1
There are times when neglect or verbal abuse can be nearly as traumatic as
physical assault. The social problem of violence relies on the fields of psychol-
ogy and criminal justice to gain a deeper understanding of aggressive behav-
iour. These issues are especially troubling in children, who may not have the
power to defend themselves, along with other members of special populations.
Experiences of trauma during human development can also come with new chal-
lenges, such as altered family values through learned behaviors. Aggression is
can be learned from family members or close relatives through modeling acts
of anger. The reasons underlying child abuse is explored to raise awareness on
this serious issue in society. The cycle of violence is also discussed in detail. And
the adverse effects of abuse and neglect are emphasized. These concepts include
negative health risks, such insomnia, drug use, and nicotine dependence. Other
detrimental effects include a poor sense of self-image and low self-esteem, which
can increase feelings of self-loathing and disgust. The opinions of specialists in
human development and behavioural medicine are voiced to understand violent
behavior in individuals prone to criminal behaviours. Experts from a book known
as the Societal Burden of Child Abuse explain the aspects of traumatization.
Aggression & Violence, Child Abuse & Neglect, Forensic Psychology/Psychology
of Law, Resilience & Self-Esteem
1 Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, USA.
Corresponding author:
Katelyn Rinker, Psychology Department, PO Box 644820, Johnson Tower 233, Washington State
University, Pullman, WA 99164-4820, Washington, USA.

Rinker 237
Perhaps the greatest priority of prevention science and the legal system is to discover
the psychological reasons behind child abuse and neglect, along with strategies...

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