Notice by Landlord to Quit

Updated atMarch 2010

(Combined Notice under s. 106 of T.P. Act and s. 13 of W.B. Premises Tenancy Act)


AB {Tenant)

Re: Premises No

Dear Sir

I, the undersigned, your landlord and owner/lessor of the above premises, do hereby give you notice to quit, vacate and deliver peaceful vacant possession of the demised premises No........(or land, or farm, No...etc.) to me of which you now a monthly tenant under the English calender at a rent of Rs.......per month on the expiry of the month (...) of.(or, of. being the date of expiry of the month of your tenancy as you have failed and/or neglected to pay the said rent for......months and thereby made yourself liable to eviction even on that ground alone. Please note that your tenancy in respect of the demised premises and all your...

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