Notice on behalf of the supplier of goods

Updated atMarch 2010

Notice on behalf of the supplier of goods

Shri XYZ,

Residing at _________,



Att: Mr. __________________

Sub.: Non-Payment of the dues

Dear Sir,

On instruction from my clients ________________, having their registered office at ______________________________________________________________, I hereby give you notice as under:

  1. In accordance with an order placed by you, my clients at your request delivered goods, as follows:

    Sr. No

    Name of the consignees

    Invoice No



  2. ABC




  3. PQR




    Total Rs.

  4. The goods were received by the consignees who appropriated the same to their use without any objection as to quantity or quality. However you failed and neglected to make payment of the said amount of Rs.____________ or any part thereof.

  5. My clients sent repeated reminders to you asking for payment of the above amounts, and also wrote a letter dated ________________, setting out particulars of the transactions and the amount due for payment.

  6. By your reply dated _________________ you alleged that your banker, HIJ Bank Ltd, Turbhe Branch has issued on ____________________, two pay orders in favour of my clients for ____________/- each. By the said reply you advised my clients to fax intimation if my clients had not received the said pay orders. On the very same day, i.e. ___________________, my clients endorsed on your said letter that they had not received the payment and demanded payment immediately. The said endorsement was faxed to you on __________________. However you did not make any payment.

  7. My clients wrote a letter to you dated ____________ reiterating that they had not received the alleged Demand Drafts Pay Orders and demanded payment. However, no payment was made.

  8. By their letter dated _______________, our clients once again demanded payment of the outstanding amount and stated that if payment was not made by ____________, interest would be charged at ___% from the date of the invoice. By your letter dated ____________ you alleged that the Bank had agreed to...

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