Middle and South Univ Submits Chinese Patent Application for Transistor with Negative Photoconductive Effect and Preparation Method Thereof

Published date28 January 2023
Publication titleGlobal IP News (India)
The patent application number is CN202111650011 20211230. The patent publication number is CN114512550 (A). International Patent Classification codes are H01L31/0216, H01L31/0232, H01L31/113 and H01L31/18. Cooperative Patent Classification codes are H01L31/02161 (CN), H01L31/02327 (CN), H01L31/1136 (CN) and H01L31/18 (CN)

An abstract released by the State Intellectual Property Office of China states: "The invention provides a transistor with a negative photoconductive effect and a preparation method thereof. The transistor comprises a substrate and a semiconductor layer arranged on the substrate, the semiconductor layer is connected with an electrode, the whole semiconductor layer and a part of the electrode are wrapped by a gate dielectric layer, one end of the electrode is buried in the gate dielectric layer, and the other end of the electrode extends out of the gate dielectric layer; the semiconductor layer is a metal oxide semiconductor layer; and the gate dielectric layer is a high-unit...

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