Micron Tech Gets Patent for Integrated Assemblies and Methods of Forming Integrated Assemblies

Published date28 January 2023
Publication titleGlobal IP News (India)
The patent application number is US202017002339 20200825. The patent publication number is US11563024 (B2). Cooperative Patent Classification codes are H01L27/11519 (EP, US), H01L27/11524 (US), H01L27/11556 (EP, US), H01L27/11565 (EP, US), H01L27/1157 (US), H01L27/11582 (EP and US)

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has released an abstract on the patent. The abstract reads, "Some embodiments include an integrated assembly having a first deck with first memory cells arranged in first tiers disposed one atop another, and having a second deck over the first deck and with second memory cells arranged in second tiers disposed one atop another. Cell-material-pillars pass through the first and second decks. The...

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