Memorandum of Association

Updated atJanuary 2012

I The name of the company is....................... Pvt. Ltd.

II The Registered Office of the company will be situated in......(Mumbai), India.

III The objects for which the Company is established are set out hereunder:


To carry on business pertaining to or connected with any or all of the following:

(1) Sale, Purchase & Development of software

(2) All the activities pertaining to Information technology.

(3) To obtain I.T related contract in India & Abroad and place the professional accordingly

(4) Placement of software Engineers and consultant in India & Abroad as per the project contract & agreement

(5) Computer systems integration and network solutions services;

(6) Wholesale of office machines and equipment (including accessories);

(7) Wholesale of telecom, networking and office apparatus, computers and accessories.

(8) To carry on the business as importers and exporters of goods, services or merchandise of any description as referred in sub-clauses (1) to (3) above.

(9) To provide internet related services, systems, technology, information and software development services and products, including hardware, to any persons by any available means, in India or abroad including value added services such as interactive television, internet, e-mail, V-Sat, telephony, video shopping, entertainment, infotainment, teleshopping, e-commerce, games, data transmission, computer networking, video conferencing etc. and to establish links via satellite uplink and downlink through available reception systems.


(1) To receipt of contract amount in foreign currencies & repatriate the amount out side India

(2) To do all or any of the acts or things as mentioned in the main objects either as principals, contractors or otherwise and either alone or in conjunction with others.

(3) To remunerate any firm, person or body corporate rendering services to the Company, including without limitation, in relation to the promotion or formation of the Company, either by cash payment or by allotment to him or them of shares and securities of the Company as paid-up in full or in part or otherwise.

(3) To pay all costs, charges and expenses incurred or sustained in or about the formation, registration, promotion, incorporation, establishment and advertisement of the Company or which the Company shall consider to be preliminary including contracts entered into by the Company.

(4) To enter into contracts or arrangements or other dealings for more efficient conduct of the business of the Company or any part thereof and also to enter into any arrangement with any Government or Authorities or any persons or companies that may seem conducive to the main objects of the Company.

(5) To buy, sell, repair, alter, improve, exchange, let on hire, import, export and deal in all works, plant, machinery, tools, appliances, apparatus, products, materials, substances, articles and things capable of being used in any business which the Company is competent to carry on, or which may be required by any customer or person having dealings with the Company or which may seem capable of being profitably dealt with in connection therewith and to manufacture, experiment with, render marketable and otherwise deal in all products and services incidental to any of the businesses carried on by the Company.

(6) To lease, sub-lease, hire, purchase, license or otherwise acquire and/or sell, dispose of, construct, alter, modify, develop or otherwise deal in any properties, factories, shades, offices, guest houses, employee accommodation, godowns, warehouses, or other structures for housing and carrying on the businesses of the Company or for its employees, clients or other persons or for any other persons or for any other purpose as the Board of Directors may think expedient for the benefit of the Company.

(7) To enter into, undertake and execute contracts or other arrangements with any parties for any transactions, including the provision and supply or use of materials, machinery, equipment, articles or other products and/or services necessary for or otherwise required for or incidental to carrying out the objectives of the Company.

(8) To recruit, train and develop staff, organize seminars, training programs and conferences for employees, customers and the general public.

(9) To recruit, train and develop a pool of technical, managerial and administrative personnel including staff, employees, agents, for the Company or any subsidiary, affiliate or group companies or any other company, firm or other person, particularly where such companies, firms or persons are engaged in any business related to the business of the Company.

(10) To employ, engage, appoint, retain or otherwise procure, suspend or terminate the services of professionals, consultants, engineers, design consultants, technicians, legal and financial advisors, or other experts and to imbibe innovation and modern management techniques in the functioning and businesses of the Company.

(11) To retrench, lay-off, suspend, terminate the appointment of or dismiss executives, managers, assistants, support staff and other employees and to remunerate them at such rates as may be thought fit.

(12) To adopt such means of making known the articles, goods, products, appliances manufactured or dealt in or processes and services provided by, or at the disposal of the Company, as well as properties, assets and effects of the Company as may seem expedient, in particular by advertising in the press and through billboards, hoardings, motion pictures, by...

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