Notice to the General Manager of a Railway Administration claiming compensation for Short Delivery, Non-Delivery or Delivery in Damaged Condition

Updated atMarch 2010

Notice by party (simple form)

Regd. with AID


Subject: Notice under s. 106 of the Indian Railways Act 1989


The General Manager Railway, (name the Railway with address) Details of consignment short delivered or lost or delivered in damaged condition. Rly. Invoice No....P.W.B./B.R. No....dated.... Sender/Consignor.... Consignee... Endorsed to....for valuable consideration Contents...bags/bales/tins, etc. of.....each bag/bale weighing (or containing).... Date of delivery at the destination.... Condition in which the consignment was delivered (state here shortage, or deterioration, etc.) Incase of total loss an averment to effect.. Short (or damage) certificate issued by....on

Dear Sir

In serving you with the notice under s. 106 of the Indian Railways Act 1989...

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