Lear Corp Obtains Patent for Electrical Assembly

Published date28 January 2023
Publication titleGlobal IP News (India)
The patent application number is US202117395082 20210805. The patent publication number is US11558963 (B2). International Patent Classification codes are H01H50/12, H01H50/14, H01R12/65, H05K1/18, H05K3/34 and H05K7/20. Cooperative Patent Classification codes are B60R16/03 (EP), H01H50/047 (EP), H01H50/12 (EP, US), H01H50/14 (US), H01R12/65 (US), H05K1/189 (US), H05K3/3447 (US), B60R16/02 (EP), H01H50/14 (EP), H01H50/546 (EP), H05K2201/09754 (US), H05K2201/10053 (US), H05K7/20009 (US) and H05K7/20272 (US)

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has released an abstract on the patent. The abstract reads, "An electrical assembly may include a contactor, a bus bar connected to the contactor, a bracket connected to the bus bar, a...

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