Karnataka Plantation Workers Medical (Attendance) Schemes, 2010



The following shall be the schemes for provision of medical facilities in plantations/estates situated in Karnataka which are coming under the purview of the plantations Labour Act, 1951.

1. Name of the Scheme:

The scheme shall be known as "The Karnataka Plantation Workers Medical (Attendance) Schemes, 2010".

2. Date of Operation:

The schemes shall come into operation on the their publication in the Official Gazette.

3. Application:

It shall apply to all plantations/estates situate in Karnataka which come within the preview of the Plantations Labour Act, 1951.

4. Types of Medical Establishments:

The Schemes shall comprise:

(i) First Aid box, Dispensaries and incidental Medical facilities provided on each plantation.

(ii) Garden Hospitals set up individually by a plantation or jointly by a group of Plantations in particulars regions, as existing as on the date of notification of this schemes shall continue to be maintained.

(iii) Group Hospitals which will be known as referral hospitals under the schemes for provisions of specialized treatment as mentioned in clause 7 of scheme.

5. Medical Facilities in Estates:

(i) All plantations/estates covered by the Schemes will maintain a well equipped First Aid Box or cupboard and one of the employees will be given training to give first aid treatment and his services shall be readily available to render first aid.

(ii) Dispensaries maintained by individual/estates as on the date of the Schemes coming into force shall continue to be maintained.

(iii) The hospitals maintained by the following plantations shall be deemed to be schemes be deemed to be Garden Hospitals, for the purpose of this Medical Schemes:

01. Kadamane Estates Company, Kadamane Post, Hassan District.

02. Tata Coffee Ltd, Pollobetta Post, Coorg District.

03. Balanoor Tea and Rubber Company Limited, Bandra Coffee Estates Limited, Jointly as Durgabetta Devon Tea and Produce Company Limited

04. Joonktollee Tea and Industries Limited, Hirebyle Post, Chickmagalur District.

05. Kelagur Tea and Produce Company Limited, Javali Post,, Chickmagalur District

06. Alageswar Estates Limited, Alageswar Post, Chickmagalur District

6. Garden Hospitals:

The existing Garden Hospitals should conform to the following morms/specifications:

(a) A Minimum of 12 beds shall be provided in every garden hospitals with provision for increasing the bed strength as necessary.

(b) Every Hospitals shall be sound permanent construction with proper water supply and efficient sanitary arrangements.

(c) Every Hospitals shall have pure piped water supply.

(d) The following department will be provided:

a. General Ward for Males;

b. General Ward for females;

c. Maternity Ward with Labour Room;

d. Family planning Centre;

e. Infectious ward with separate sanitary arrangements;

f. Out patient Department;

g. Consulting room;

h. Minor operation and dressing room;

i. Dispensary and drugs store and

j. Kitchen for cooking;

(e) Medical and auxiliary personnel shall be appointed as follows:

(i) One qualified medical practitioner;

(ii) One qualified nurse;

(iii) One auxiliary nurse-mild wife;

(iv) One pharmacist

(f) Every Garden Hospitals shall maintain such equipment and drugs etc. as may be specified by the state government.

(g) Free transport facilities shall be provided in seriously ill cases or where the conditions of the patient warrants it. In other cases, the actual cost of availing public transport will be reimbursed.

(h) After providing first aid in case the plantations/estates do not have garden hospitals of their own then the concerned patients may be referred for further...

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