Independent Regulatory Authorities: Analysing Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency

Published date01 September 2018
Date01 September 2018
Subject MatterArticles
Indian Journal of Public
64(3) 349–357
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DOI: 10.1177/0019556118783098
Independent Regulatory
Authorities: Analysing
Responsibility and
Sudhanshu Tripathi1
A regulatory authority is an autonomous body established by a federal, state
or provincial government with a view to serve the interests of all stakeholders
in a society. As the modern state is passing through neo-liberal phase towards
reforming public services for accomplishing its goals for good governance, the
role of Independent Regulatory Authorities becomes very important. But the
spread of independent regulators means that more and more aspects of our
lives are shaped by decisions made by institutions that are neither popularly
elected nor are they under direct control of elected officials. Obviously, this has
important implications for their accountability, responsibility and transparency
in the present age of expanding democracy. A way-out may be to re-theorise
public authority as an office for coordinating and harmonising diverse interests
in a professional way so as to suit the requirements of governance conjointly
performed by the state, civil society and market.
Neo-liberalism, regulatory capitalism, Independent Regulatory Authority, account-
ability, responsibility, transparency, market-state
The ever-rising wave of popular awareness towards one’s self and consequent
desire to participate and share in the social, political and economic life of a country
taken together is causing widening and deepening of democracy all over the
1 Department of Political Science, UPRTOU, Allahabad (UP), India.
Corresponding author:
Sudhanshu Tripathi, Department of Political Science, UPRTOU, Allahabad (UP) 230001, India.

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