Petition No. 221/2010 (Suo Motu). Case: In Re: Department of Power, Govt. of Meghalaya Vs. Central Electricity Regulatory Commission

Case NumberPetition No. 221/2010 (Suo Motu)
JudgesPramod Deo, Chairman, S. Jayaraman and V.S. Verma, Members
IssueElectricity Law
Judgement DateApril 25, 2011
CourtCentral Electricity Regulatory Commission


  1. The Commission vide its order dated 4.10.2010 initiated suo-motu proceedings and issued show cause notice to the Respondent under Section 142 of the Act for non-compliance of provisions of Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (Unscheduled Interchange charges and related matters) Regulations, 2009 (hereinafter "UI regulations") as an amount of Rs. 14.85 Crores was outstanding against Meghalaya as on 31.08.2010. The Commission after taking note of the assurance given by the Respondent in its reply dated 28.10.2010 for liquidation of outstanding UI dues had directed as under in order dated 30.12.2010:

  2. Considering the submission of the Respondent and the steps taken by it to liquidate the outstanding UI, we are of the view that the Respondent may be allowed some more time to clear the outstanding UI dues. Accordingly, we direct the Respondent to liquidate the outstanding UI dues including surcharge and the current UI dues by 10.1.2010 and report compliance.

  3. The Respondent vide affidavit dated 13.1.2011 has submitted that MeECL has been adversely affected due to dispute on the distribution tariff by major industrial consumer under the banner of Byrnihat Industrial Association (BIA) who refused to make full payment of electricity bills raised by MeECL w.e.f. 1.10.2008. This has resulted in accumulation of huge outstanding of Rs. 142.50 crores as on Nov. 2010. The case is still pending with MSERC. It was also submitted that despite its financial problems, payment of Rs. 3.00 Crores has been made on...

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