Huawei Tech Applies for Patent on Information Processing Method, Terminal Device and Distributed Network

Published date28 January 2023
Publication titleGlobal IP News (India)
The patent application number is CN202011173845 20201028. The patent publication number is CN114513527 (A). International Patent Classification codes are G06F16/33, G06F3/0483, G06F3/0484, G06F3/0487, G06F3/16, H04L67/1097, H04N21/41 and H04N21/439. Cooperative Patent Classification codes are G06F16/33 (EP), G06F16/3343 (CN), G06F3/0483 (EP, CN), G06F3/0484 (EP, CN), G06F3/0487 (EP, CN), G06F3/16 (EP), G06F3/165 (CN), G06F3/167 (CN), G10L13/00 (EP), H04L67/1097 (EP, CN), H04N21/41 (EP), H04N21/4122 (CN), H04N21/439 (EP and CN)

The abstract of the patent published by the State Intellectual Property Office of China states: "The invention provides an information processing method, terminal equipment and a distributed network. After a first terminal device determines target information including at least one piece of text information and at least one piece of non-text information, a first position associated with each piece of non-text information can be determined according to a preset playing speed and first preset...

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