Appendix D - Final decree for sale in a redemption suit on default of payment by mortgagor(Order XXXIV, rule 8.)

Updated atMarch 2010


Upon reading the preliminary decree passed in this suit on the day of and further orders (if any) dated the day of, and the application of the defendnat dated the day of for a final decree and after hearing decree and orders has not been made by the plaintiff or any person on his behalf or any other person entitled to redeem the mortgage:

It is hereby ordered and decreed that the mortgaged property in the aforesaid preliminary decree mentioned or a sufficient part thereof be sold and that for the purposes of such sale the defendant shall produce before the Court, or such officer as it appoint, all documents in his possession or power relating to the mortgaged property. 2.And it is hereby further ordered and decreed that the money realised by such sale shall be paid into Court and shall be duly applied (after deduction therefrom of the expenses of the sale) in payment of...

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