Appendix D - Final decree in a suit for dissolution of partnership and the taking of partnership accounts

Updated atMarch 2010


IT is ordered that the fund now in Court, amounting to the suit of Rs..............., be applied as follows:--

  1. In payment of the debts due by the partnership set forth in the certificate of the {Here insert name of proper officer} amounting in the whole to Rs.

  2. In payment of the costs of all parties in this suit.amounting to Rs.

    [These costs must be ascertained before the decree is drawn up.]

  3. In payment of the sum of the plaintiff as his share of the partnership-assets, of the sum of Rs., being the residue of the said sum of in Court, to the defendant as his share of the partnership-assets.

    [Or, And that the remainder of the said sum of paid to the said plaintiff (or defendant) in part payment of the sum of...

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