Employee grievances handling for ambulance staff at GVK EMRI, Gujarat.

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A grievance is any discontent or feeling of unfairness within the work. Grievances at the work should be supported by the inspiration of employer-employee relationship and employment-related system. Existence of a credible process for prompt resolution of grievances is a major contributor towards employees' trust in the management, which leads employee engagement. This study seeks to understand perception of employees about the effectiveness of grievance handling process followed by GVK EMRI, a labor intensive social project, for their dispersed manpower, ambulance crew and deployed 24X7 at various locations of the state. The result shows a bright future of GVK-EMRI at Gujarat as the employees are found to be loyal and committed to organization policies and procedures.


Human Resource refers to the people or personnel or work force inside a company chargeable with serving the tasks given to them for accomplishment of the goals and objectives of the organization. Human resource or human KMM/capital defines the set of people and conjures the work force of a company, sector, or economy. It is a crucial imperative for the prosperity and growth of a company. Its performance is actually a problem of concern for the management of all organizations who retain them.

There is a bigger diversity within the geographical point these days, comprising workers from completely different age, position and gender, ethnic and non-secular background. In such a work atmosphere. miscommunication or misunderstanding is aggravated, if not managed properly, such misunderstandings can have an effect on employees' morale and productivity. With workers being net savvy and therefore exposed to social media, such unhappiness might also be promulgated on social media platforms like Face Book or Twitter. Such negative promotion will have an effect on the employers' image and inflict excessive embarrassment to the management. Therefore, grievances of separated employees too need to be handled with care and urgency. An organization like GVK EMRI, which is into a socially oriented service, it is imperative to address and resolve grievances well in time so that the employees' attention remains focused on live saving.


A grievance is any discontent or feeling of unfairness and within the geographical point, it ought to be work related. A grievance is an additional form more established than a criticism. Complaints magnify expressions of grievances, however a grievance is deep-seated such that the worker takes applicable remedial action to hunt satisfaction.

Work connected grievances at the geographical point should be supported by the muse of employer-employee relationship and employment-related system. For an improved understanding of work-related grievance, reference is invited to the definition of commercial matters found within the Industrial Relations Act expressed below (emphasis added): "industrial matters" means that matters relating the relations of employers and workers that amplify and connected with the utilization or non-employment or the terms of employment, the transfer of employment or the conditions of labor of a person.

Significance of Grievances System

A grievance handling system is to connect the outlet for worker frustrations, discontents, and cramp like a shaking carbonated soft drink can. Employees do not need to keep their frustrations bottled up till eventually discontent causes explosion. The existence of an efficient grievance procedure reduces the need for whimsical action by supervisors as a result of their grasp that the employees are ready to shield such behavior and build protests to be detected by higher management. The actual fact that the staff have a right to be detected and are literally detected helps to enhance morale. Therefore, each organization ought to have a clear-cut procedure for grievance handling. In a service oriented organization, it is highly desirable that grievances of employees are proactively identified and recorded well in time for speedy and effective resolution. Such prompt systematic approach would create trust of employees towards management and supervisors, which would further drive as a factor of employee engagement. An organization like GVK EMRI, which is labor intensive and engaged in 24X7(day and night) ambulance operation, must have a robust employee grievance management system so that employee's grievances are captured in time and resolved effectively. EMTs and Pilots are working in the Emergency Management work for both day and night shifts. Most of their activities are not supervised real time but they work on pre-decided SOPs. Moreover, on an average in a shift, only 3 cases of emergencies are attended by each ambulance crew and rest of their time they remain idle and wait for assignment from the control room. This idling time might give opportunity for the staff to identify various grievances and spread among their fraternity. Therefore, existence of a robust, employee friendly and effective system to capture grievances real time and resolve them effectively for this dispersed manpower would definitely help build a healthy environment.

Grievances Handling

Various organizations follow different mechanisms to identify and resolve grievances among employees. In modern organizations there are various formal and informal methods to address the issue. If the organization is unionized, the management team comprising the chief operating officer, relevant heads of department (HODs), together with the senior HR professional would first meet and share data with the organization official and members of the trade union. There is often the need for a written agreement obligation once the associate leader acknowledges a union; it acknowledges that the union represents all workers inside the scope of the contract, in matters concerning all terms and conditions of service. Communication with the workers will be administrated through notices or circulars, followed by employees' conferences for feedback, addressing considerations and providing assurances in an exceedingly unionized organization. The management ought to settle for the trade union's help in communication as a result of typical, workers additional receptivity to have communication from the organization. In other cases there are processes whereby an employee can raise a grievance...

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