First Appeal No. A/522/2005, (Arisen out of Order Dated 20/07/2005 in Case No. CC/18/2004 of District Lakhisarai). Case: Electrical Executive Engineer, Lakhisarai and others Vs Md. Jakeer Alam @ Usman.

Case NumberFirst Appeal No. A/522/2005, (Arisen out of Order Dated 20/07/2005 in Case No. CC/18/2004 of District Lakhisarai)
JudgesMr. Subhash Chandra Jha President and Mrs. Renu Sinha Member
IssueConsumer Law
Judgement DateMay 11, 2011


S.C. Jha, President

  1. Heard the learned counsel for the appellant. Nobody appears for the respondent, Md. Jakeer Alam @ Usman, who was complainant in the District Forum. The order under challenge is dated 20-07-2005 passed by the two members of the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, Lakhisarai (hereinafter to be referred to as District Forum) in Consumer Complaint No. 18/2004 (sans President of the said Forum) who have hold the appellants negligent and awarded compensation of Rs. 5000/- with a direction for correction of the bill of the respondent within two months.

  2. On the other hand, on the said day, the President of the said Forum has also recorded separate judgement holding that the appellants are not responsible and were not negligent in providing any service to the respondent, as such, the case of the complainant-respondent stood dismissed.

  3. The complainant lodged the case with this averment that he was consumer of electricity connection No. E-11-CS2 and was the resident of rural area. The complainant was being supplied electric bills for higher amount, so he submitted application to the Executive Engineer for correction of the bill but the same was not given attention rather the Electricity Board sent bill of Rs. 11843/- for November,2001 and thereafter a bill of Rs. 62,624/- for February,2004.

  4. It was alleged that bill @ Rs. 120/- per month ought to have been issued from the Electricity Board from February,2004.

  5. The O.Ps.-appellant contested the case and filed written statement wherein it was averred that the complainant-respondent was a commercial consumer of Electricity Board, whose connection No. was E16AMP-11 CS2, who has got shop and meter in his premises and electrical energy was being supplied from the feeder meant for urban area. According to Tariff of Bihar State Electricity Board and consumer for Urban area was, thus, required to pay bill as stated above.

  6. The complainant filed bill for the month of November,2001 amounting to Rs. 14515/- and another bill for the month of February,2004 for realization of amount of Rs. 64,943/- which was to be paid by the...

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