Published date01 December 2021
AuthorMahendra Prasad Singh
Date01 December 2021
Subject MatterEditorial
This issue of the Indian Journal of Public Administration offers a mixed bag of
fares of Articles, Notes, and Book Reviews.
K.Balmurugan’s paper concerns itself with the relative values of top-down
and bottom-up policy implementation theories with a critical case study of
e-governance of the Passport Seva of the Government of India. It concludes that
the success of a bottom-up policy is contingent on building up a good rapport
with the stakeholders through appropriate management strategies.
The article by Abhishek Jain and Varinder Kaur delineates the significance
and function of GIS over the last three census operations and in the forthcoming
census of 2021 and highlights its challenges and solutions. It is postulated to be
essential for accurate data collection and mapping for geo-referenced and high-
resolution satellite images at the village level for covering the gaps in rural
boundary maps.
Keshab Chandra Ratha’s article offers editorial comment on the Citizenship
Amendment Act, 2019, and its content and context. The special significance of
this Act is that for the first time it has departed from the past in granting citizenship
on the basis of religion to non-Muslims on the ground that only Hindus, Jains,
Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs have suffered discrimination and persecution and
have fled from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.
Neetu Jain and Shilpee Aggarwal’s article highlights such HR practices as
organizations have adopted to enhance the wellbeing of their employees during
the highly critical Covid-19 situation. The study undertakes a detailed investiga-
tion through primary and secondary sources of various organizations which have
sought to combat the challenges faced by their employees during the pandemic
and enhance the wellbeing of their employees.
Bhupeshwar Dayal and Rajvir Dhaka’s piece presents a pioneering empirical
study of a landmark innovation in grievance redressal in Haryana—the ‘CM’s
Window’ and its effectiveness as well as limitations.
Roma Mitra Debnath offers a case study delving in the balance sheet of
opportunities and challenges of the experiment in organic agri-food organizations
in India.
Shamim Noor and Saharin Priya Shaoun inform us that under the impact of the
Covid-19 pandemic in Bangladesh, school education since March 2020 onwards
underwent a great transformation, both in terms of course contents and the
method of teaching. In an empirical study in the Chittagong district regarding the
Indian Journal of Public
67(4) 523–524, 2021
© 2021 IIPA
Reprints and permissions:
DOI: 10.1177/00195561211062723

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