Published date01 July 2018
Date01 July 2018
Subject MatterArticles
Journal of Victimology
and Victim Justice
1(1) 1–3
2018 National Law
University Delhi
SAGE Publications
DOI: 10.1177/2516606918783401
It is a momentous occasion to pen the editorial to the inaugural issue of the
journal. I am thrilled to note that this journal receives the singular distinction of
being the only publication devoted exclusively to the field of victimology in the
Asian region. The Indian Society of Victimology (ISV) always aspired to have
its own journal to promote scholarship in victimology. However, it took very
long for this thought to become a reality. Having assumed as the President of
ISV in the year 2014, I made a resolve to the general body of ISV to this effect
and since then this project was in the making. Soon I realized that setting up a
journal was a daunting task. My passion prevailed over the difficulties and the
journal is in your hands.
I must acknowledge the faith shown in me by my colleagues in ISV which
made me work for this journal. This journal would not have become a reality
had I not been working in the National Law University, Delhi (NLU, Delhi).
The visionary leadership of Professor (Dr) Ranbir Singh, Vice-Chancellor,
NLU, Delhi, responded to this proposal so positively that the entire exercise
became really easy. He not only agreed to affiliate this journal with NLU, Delhi,
but also consented to bear the cost of launching this publication. We in the
Indian Society of Victimology and Centre for Criminology and Victimology at
NLU, Delhi were of the view that a world-class journal must be published by an
international publisher. After long deliberations, a choice was made in favour of
SAGE. We had a series of meetings to discuss the ideas and their feasibility to
have such a journal. I must underline the positive response from Mr Vikram
Arora, Ms Satvinder Kaur, Mr Ramesh Bhatt and other colleagues in SAGE who

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