Draft of Vakalatnama

Updated atSeptember 2010

IN THE _______________________________________________________________________________

Suit/ Appeal/ Writ/ Revision No. _____________ of 2010 __________________________




KNOW All to whom these presents shall come that I/ We _________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ the above named ___________________________________________ do hereby appoint

[Name of Advocate1] [Name of Advocate2] [Name of Advocate 3]

[Qualification of Advocate] [Qualification of Advocate] [Qualification of Advocate]

Advocate Advocate Advocate

(hereinafter called Advocates) to be my/our Advocates in the above noted case and authorize them: -

To act, appear and plead in the above noted case in this Court or in any other Court in which the same be tried or heard and also in the appellate Courts.

To sign, file, verify and present pleadings, replications, appeals, ''cross-objections' or petitions for executions, review, revisions, restoration, withdrawal, compromise or other petitions, replies, objections or affidavits or other documents as may be deemed necessary or proper for the prosecution of the said case in all its stages.

To file and take back documents.

To withdraw or compromise the case or submit to arbitration any differences or disputes that may arise, touching or in any manner relating to the said case.

To take out execution proceedings.

To deposit, draw and receive moneys, cheques and grant receipts therefore and to do other acts and things which may be necessary to be done for the progress and in the course of prosecution of the said case.

To appoint instruct any other legal practitioner authorizing him to exercise the power and authorities hereby conferred upon the Advocates whenever he may...

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