Petition No. 33/2005. Case: Delhi Transco Limited Vs Northern Regional Load Despatch Centre, Northern Regional Electricity Board, Power Development Deptt, Govt. of Jammu and Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited. Central Electricity Regulatory Commission

Case NumberPetition No. 33/2005
JudgesAshok Basu, Chairman, K.N. Sinha, Bhanu Bhushan and A.H. Jung, Members
IssueElectricity Law
Judgement DateJuly 19, 2005
CourtCentral Electricity Regulatory Commission


  1. In this application, the petitioner has sought directions to the first respondent, Northern Regional Load Despatch Centre (NRLDC), for release of its dues together with interest, from Unscheduled Interchanges (UI) pool account. A further direction is sought to Power Development Department, Government of J&K and Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL), respondent Nos. 3 and 4 respectively, to clear all the arrears with interest within a timeframe to be specified by the Commission.

  2. It has been stated that an amount of Rs.138.72 crore as on 9.3.2005, was due to the petitioner from UI pool account operated by NRLDC on behalf of Northern Regional Electricity Board, primarily because of non-payment of UI charges by Power Development Department, Government of J&K and UPPCL. Accordingly, the petitioner seeks directions to the respondents noted above.

  3. We have heard Shri V.K. Malhotra for the petitioner, Shri S.K. Soonee, Executive Director for NRLDC and Shri D.D. Chopra, Advocate with Shri T.K. Srivastava for UPPCL.

  4. Shri Soonee has informed that an amount of approximately Rs.117 crore is presently due against UPPCL. Shri Srivastava undertook to deposit the amount due latest by 31.7.2005, along with interest.

  5. Let the amount due be deposited by UPPCL as per the undertaking given on its behalf. It is made clear that in case of any default in making the payment, appropriate proceedings in accordance with law shall be taken by the Commission against UPPCL or the person in charge and responsible for the conduct of its business.

  6. So far as Power Development Department, Govt. of J&K is concerned, it is noted that a petition (No.29/2004) was earlier filed by NRLDC for directions to make payment of dues on account of UI charges and reactive energy charges together with interest. The said petition was disposed of by the Commission by its order dated 22.2.2005 with the direction that the current dues starting from the week ending...

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