Delhi Lifts (Amendment) Rules, 2017

No. ED4(Misc.-04)/Lab-EI/2017/2931.-- In exercise of the powers conferred by section 12 of the Bombay Lifts Act, 1939 (Bombay Act No. X of 1939) as extended to the National Capital Territory of Delhi, the Lieutenant Governor of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, is pleased to make the following rules to amend the Delhi Lifts Rules, 1942, namely:--

1. Short title and commencement.--

(i) These rules may be called the Delhi Lifts (Amendment) Rules, 2017.

(ii) They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Delhi Gazette.

2. Amendment of rule 7.-- In the Delhi Lifts Rules, 1942 (hereinafter referred as the said rules) in rule 7, after subrule (2), the following shall be inserted, namely:--

"(3)(1) Every owner of a place, where a lift is installed for which a licence to work has been granted, shall make necessary arrangement to get the lift tested and certified for safety, once in a year from an authorized person;

(2) No person shall be authorized to carry out testing and certifying the installation of lifts unless such person fulfills the requirements laid down in the Third Schedule to these rules."

3. Insertion of the Third Schedule.-- In the said rules, after Second Schedule, the following Schedule shall be inserted, namely:--

"Third Schedule

Procedure and requirements for authorization of persons to carry out testing of the lifts (see rule 7(3)(2)

(1) (i) The Government may authorize certain persons who fulfills the eligibility criteria as mentioned in clause (2) for the purpose of testing and certifying lift installations;

(ii) The Government may also suspend or revoke authorization whenever there are reasons for the same after giving a reasonable opportunity in writing to such authorized person.

(2) An application alongwith necessary documents shall be made by a person who...

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