Deed of Ante-nuptial Settlement

Updated atMarch 2010

This settlement is made the ............ day of ............... 2000 between Anil Biswas of, etc. (intended husband and settlor) of the first part, Chitra Daval of, etc. (intended wife), of the second part, and EapenPatel of, etc., andGaurav Hanvelof, etc., hereinafter called the trustees of the third part.

Whereas a marriage is intended to be solemnized shortly between the said Anil Biswas and Chitra Daval and upon the treaty of the said marriage it was agreed that the settlement hereinafter appearing shall be effected: and whereas with a view to effect such settlement the said Anil Biswas has, with the consent and approbation of the said Chitra Daval , agreed to transfer in the names of the trustees the property, hereinafter described: now this deed witnesses as follows:

  1. In pursuance of the said agreement and in consideration of the intended marriage, the said Anil Biswas as the beneficial owner, with the approbation of the said Chitra Daval do hereby grant, convey, transfer and assign unto and to the use of the trustees all that etc., (describe the property) to have and to hold the same in trust for the said Anil Biswas until the said intended marriage, and after the solemnization of the said marriage upon trusts hereinafter declared.

  2. The trustees shall, after the solemnization of the said marriage, stand possessed of the said property (hereinafter referred to as the trust property), upon trust either to hold the same as at present situated (or invested) or, with the consent of in writing of the said Anil Biswas and Chitra Daval during their joint lives and the survivor during his or her life, to sell the same and invest the proceeds thereof in any investments which may for the time being be authorized by law for the investment of trust funds, and stand possessed thereof and of the investments from time to time representing the same upon trust to pay the income thereof to the said Anil Biswasduring his life, and after his death to pay the same to the said Chitra Daval during her life, and after the death of the survivor of them, the said Anil Biswas and Chitra Daval to stand possessed of the Trust Estate in trust for such child, children or remoter issue of the said intended marriage in such shares (if more than one) and in such manner as the said Anil Biswas and Chitra Daval shall by deed or deeds jointly appoint, and in default of any such appointment, or so far as the same shall not extend in trust for the child or all the...

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