Petition No. 66/2005. Case: Damodar Valley Corporation Vs Department of Energy, Govt. of West Bengal and Ors.. Central Electricity Regulatory Commission

Case NumberPetition No. 66/2005
Party NameDamodar Valley Corporation Vs Department of Energy, Govt. of West Bengal and Ors.
JudgesK.N. Sinha, Member
IssueElectricity Law
Judgement DateNovember 03, 2005
CourtCentral Electricity Regulatory Commission


K.N. Sinha, Member

  1. In view of the complexities involved in the determination of tariff for the generating stations and the transmission assets belonging to the petitioner, I have been asked by the Commission to study different aspects involved and make appropriate recommendations for its consideration and further decision.

  2. As a delegatee of the Commission, I have heard the representatives of the parties present before me. I direct that the following information be placed on record by the petitioner: --

    (a) Sanction letters issued by the competent authority in support of the project cost of the generating stations, multipurpose dams and the transmission lines/sub-stations in respect of which approval for tariff is sought

    (b) Rajamanna Committee Report and the award of arbitrator on apportionment of capital cost of multipurpose dams, including Konar dam, scheme of operation of dams and the reservoir operation policy.

    (c) Nature of functions of Directions office, other offices and central offices.

    (d) Detailed justification in support of debt-equity ratio of 15:85 claimed in the petition.

    (e) Details of assets/units and transmission lines/sub-stations not in use as on 1.4.2004, in respect of hydro generating stations and transmission system.

    (f) In case of Durgapur TPS, gross book value of 2x75 MW units presently not in operation.

    (g) Station-wise details of cumulative depreciation recovered in tariff till 31.3.2004 and the asset-wise depreciation of assets in use recovered as on 1.4.2004.

    (h) Documentary evidence relating to re-rating of different units of the generating stations.

    (i) Details of nature of work carried out and item-wise expenditure incurred as part of administrative expenses for Maithon and Panchet hydro stations.

    (j) Justification for present employee strength at the hydro stations and the scheme, if any, formulated by the petitioner for reduction in employee strength.

    (k) Actual generation at each of the hydro station for the years 1996 to 2005.

    (l) Annual Design Energy of Tilaiya hydro station.

    (m) Revised details of O&M expenses for the period 1998-99 to 2002-03, excluding O&M expenses related to non-performing assets in case of Bokaro IPS, Chandrapur IPS and Durgapur IPS.

    (n) Break up of employee cost indicating incentive and ex gratia payments, separately for the generating stations and proportionate share of Directions offices, general overheads and central offices in O&M expenses.

    (o) Details of colony...

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