Deed of Conveyance by a Lunatic through his Legal Guardian or manager

Updated atMarch 2010

Deed of conveyance made this of........between Mr ''X'' a Lunatic by his manager or guardian Mr ''Y'' hereinafter referred to as the vendor of the One Part and Mr.Z hereinafter referred to as the Purchaser'') of the Other Part


  1. The said Mr. ''X'' is a lunatic or person of unsound mind.

  2. On his becoming lunatic or of unsound mind his brother the said Mr''Y'' made an application to the Court at District for holding an inquisition on his lunacy under Chapter VI of the Mental Health Act 1987 and on the court passing an order for inquisition the necessary inquisition was made and by an order dated the day of --- passed by the court on such inquisition the said Mr''Y'' was appointed as the manager for the management of the properties of the said lunatic.

  3. The Lunatic Mr''X'' owns certain immoveable properties including the one situated at ....... consisting of a piece of land with an old house thereon and which is more particularly described in the schedule hereunder written.

  4. The properties of the said Mr''X'' do not yield sufficient income necessary for the maintenance of the said Mr''X''. There are also some debts and liabilities payable by the said Mr. X including the liability for payment of the cost of the inquisition held into the lunacy as aforesaid.

  5. In order to pay off the debts and liabilities and with a view to make sufficient provision for the maintenance of the said Mr. X the said Mr. Y proposed to dispose of the said property described in the schedule hereunder written ad therefore he entered into an agreement for the sale of the property on of........ with the purchaser for the price of Rs...... subject to the sale being sanctioned by the Honorable High court.

  6. Accordingly the said Mr''Y'' ad application to the District Court being petition no..........for permission to sell the said property in terms of the agreement under Sec. 59 of the said Act of 1987.

  7. After making due inquiries the District Court by order date the of.......... authorized the said Mr''Y'' to sell the said property in terms of the said agreement subject to terms and conditions mentioned in the said order as to utilization of the purchase price and making provision for the lunatic''s maintenance and authorised the said Mr ''Y'' as the manger of the estate of the said lunatic to execute deed of conveyance in favor of the said purchaser.


That pursuant to the said agreement...

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