China Power Construction Group East China Survey Design Res Institute Limited Applies for Patent on High-Precision Rock-Soil Numerical Model Cloud Computing Method and System and Electronic Equipment

Published date28 January 2023
The patent application number is CN202011177923 20201029. The patent publication number is CN114510805 (A). International Patent Classification codes are G06F30/20, G06F30/27, G06F9/50, H04L67/025, H04L67/1097 and G06F111/10. Cooperative Patent Classification codes are G06F30/20 (CN), G06F30/27 (CN), G06F9/5016 (CN), G06F9/5027 (CN), H04L67/025 (CN), H04L67/1097 (CN) and G06F2111/10 (CN)

The abstract of the patent published by the State Intellectual Property Office of China states: "The invention discloses a high-precision rock-soil numerical model cloud computing method and system and electronic equipment. The method comprises the following steps: acquiring a data file of a high-precision rock-soil numerical model; obtaining an edited high-precision rock-soil numerical model calculation command file; uploading the data file and the calculation command file to a cloud storage space; performing calculation of a high-precision...

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