Charter for the period of a voyage

Updated atMarch 2010


CHARTER PARTY AGREEMENT is made at ...... this ..... day of ....... between M/s. AB Shipping Co. Ltd. a company registered under the companies Act, 1956, and having its registered office at ....... Hereinafter referred to as ''the Owners of the One Part and ...... M/s. XYZ & Co. Ltd., also a company registered under the said act and having its registered Office at ..... hereinafter referred to as ''the Charterer'' of the Other Part;


The Owners fully own a seagoing vessel by name .... Of ..... tons gross register, and registered at the port of ..... under No. ...... hereinafter referred to as the said ''Vessel'' and is more particularly described in the schedule hereunder written.

The Charterer has offered to take and the Owners have agreed to let the Vessel on charter for a fixed time on the following terms.

It is now agreed by and between the parties as follows:-

The Owners, have let and the Charterers take on hire the vessel together with her bunkers, stores, and all articles and things lying therein for the period of a voyage from ..... to ...... commencing from the time the vessel is delivered and placed at the disposal of the charterers at the Port of ...... in such available berth where she can safely lie always afloat or safe aground where vessels of similar size and draft are accustomed to lie in safety as the charterers may direct, she being in every way fitted for ordinary cargo service.

The vessel will be delivered to the Charterer at .... On the .... Day of ....

The vessel shall be employed in lawful trades for the carriage pf lawful merchandise only. Damage caused by the shipment of dangerous cargo of any kind whatsoever shall be on Charterers'' account unless such damage is caused or contributed to by the negligence of the owners or those for whom they are responsible.

The owners shall provide and pay for all the provisions and wages, for insurance of the vessel, for all deck and engine room stores and maintain her in a thoroughly efficient state in hull and machinery for and during the service including winches and cargo-handling gear. The winches of the ship shall be at the service of the Charterers by day and night with full steam or other power when and as required.

While the vessel is on bay, the Charterers shall pay all port charges, pilotages (whether compulsory or not) canal steersmen, boatage, lights, tug assistance, consular charges (except those pertaining to the master...

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