Bottomry Bond

Updated atMarch 2010

BY THIS BOND, I Mr. ...... Master of the ship by name ..... registered at the Port of ...... under No ..... hold myself firmly bound unto Mr. ...... carrying on business at ...... (hereinafter referred to as ''the Lender'') for repayment of the sum of Rs. ..... being the amount lent and advanced by him to me for emergency buying necessary provisions of oil and other articles and things and carrying out repairs to the said ship required for the further voyage of the said ship from the port of ....... at which she is at present anchored.

AND for security for repayment of the said amount with interest thereon at ....... p.c. p.a. from the date hereof till repayment, I the said Mr. ...... by this bond hypothecate the said ship and her freight together with her tackle and apparel and also the cargo now on board of the said ship.

AND it is hereby declared that the said ship and her freight and cargo are hypothecated for the security of the moneys advanced by the said Lender and they will be hypothecated or mortgaged to no other person until payment under this ''Bond is made in full with interest as aforesaid.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I, the said Mr. ..... have put my hand this ..... day of .......


WHEREAS the abovementioned ship having been compelled to put into the said Port of ..... for repairs, and necessaries as aforesaid and the owner of the said ship and her freight and the shippers and consignees of the cargo on board the said...

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