Book Review: Usha Mujoo Munshi and Neeta Verma (Eds.), Data Science Landscape: Towards Research Standards and Protocols

Published date01 December 2018
Date01 December 2018
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betterment of society and more. This superbly written book with commitment
for peace and welfare of humanity is also a good read and B.P. Singh, the author,
emerges as a global thought leader of the 21st century.
Ved Marwah
Distinguished Fellow
Centre for Policy Research
New Delhi
Usha Mujoo Munshi and Neeta Verma (Eds.), Data Science Landscape:
Towards Research Standards and Protocols. Singapore: Springer, 2018,
339 pp., `8,865.
The reviewed title is a book in the series ‘Studies in the Big Data’, Volume 38, by
Springer Publication. This book is a compilation of twenty-four research articles
which deal with the current data collection and Big Data scenario by many
eminent researchers and scholars and experts.
Dr Usha Mujoo Munshi was a Fulbright scholar and is currently working in the
Indian Institute of Public Administration as its librarian and is a winner of several
accolades for her contributions. She has also held positions in many data-related
committees and at present is the president of the Information and Communication
Society of India. Neeta Verma is the Director General of National Informatics
Centre (NIC) which is also the premier organisation of the Government of India
(GoI), responsible for implementing Digital India initiatives. Under her guidance,
the first national cloud for government for electronic delivery of citizens’ services
was commissioned. Also, the open data portals were implemented under her.
The book starts with Dr Munshi’s narration of Data Science Landscape as a
necessity for tracking the ecosystem as data are profound, being a strong pillar
for the sustainable development of the nation. Pointing out the need for space for
innovations to facilitate global data flow, the chapter elaborately explains about
the data policies, standards and protocols related to Big Data. Indispensability of
data repositories and requirement of data archiving have also been mooted for
long-term data preservation along with indicating the importance of data citations
and scholarships. Detailed discussion on the importance of open data infrastruc-
ture (ODI) for research and development and to go deep into the aspects of the
same in terms of policy formulation, fund support, metadata and data standards,
data use licence, open data ecosystem and data citation mechanism has been done
by the author Neeta Verma. Managing Research Data by the R&D Community
in nuclear data science in India has been very well asserted by pointing out the
positive contributions in the form of accelerated human progress that can be
attained with the increased usage of big data science and information technology
for nuclear data in India. The importance and usage of big data in astronomy is
documented in Big Data in Astronomy and Beyond. The need for data-centric

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