Book review: Sriprakash Singh, Politics for New India: A Nationalistic Perspective

Published date01 December 2019
Date01 December 2019
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by P.K. Chaubey indicate that disaster law has many more areas to adopt from
laws of conservation and municipal laws. The integration may take a few more
years and a strong will of the governments to amend their disaster management
acts with open eyes to the future of mankind.
The Epilogue of the book is an examination of the direction and the objective
of progress in disaster law. Since 2005, many developments have taken place.
Nivedita Haran brings them together and surveys the role of administrators and
the researchers who hold the future to effective disaster management laws. She
questions institutional preparedness for human safety and institutional account-
ability. She is hopeful that an effective disaster management structure in the
country with a strong National Disaster Management Authority on the top and
state-cum-local agencies could work together to prevent disasters. Collaboration,
partnership and participatory decision-making may resolve many problems of
disaster law in times to come.
Overall, the book is a strong addition to the library of the corpus of disaster
laws. I am aware that paucity of works in this field would make any contribution
of some value. Still, this book is of even greater value. This book will appeal
to those interested in the social problems of disaster that is faced by the people
across societies and cultures. Only drawback that is inherent in any edited books
also appears to readers at the end—what are the solutions yet to emerge? In other
words: What are the future prospects? Some of the chapters are exceptionally good
and interesting to readers as well as to policymakers. Disaster Laws: Emerging
Thresholds will trigger a set of more intricate and qualitative research which this
book is indicative of, and law schools can take it further with a clear direction.
Notwithstanding the challenges that the work encounters as it wades through
environmental law, tort law and administrative law, the issue of accountability
and culpability needs wider and deeper attention in the work. I see the contribu-
tion of the book Disaster Law: Emerging Thresholds, edited by Amita Singh in
being a definite call for the international community’s attention to invite other
researchers to go deeper into and farther across in the management of disasters in
a Hyogo–Sendai spirit.
Nirmal Kanti Chakrabarti
KIIT Law School
KIIT University
Odisha, India
Sriprakash Singh, Politics for New India: A Nationalistic Perspective.
New Delhi: Rupa Publications India, 2018, 328 pp., `225.
DOI: 10.1177/0019556119882163
A galaxy of thinkers ranging from Max Muller to Swami Dayanand Saraswati
argued for long that the intellectual and cultural hegemony of the West on Indian
society was even more damaging for its creativity than Britain’s political and

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