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Published date01 June 2011
AuthorDebarati Benerjee
Date01 June 2011
Subject MatterArticle
Fundamentalist World - The New Dark
Age of Dogma
Books Ltd, Cambridge, 2004,
Price: £12.99
Debarati Banerjee*
Fundamentalism in its myriad forms is a potent threat to the security &
integrity of nations. Not only does it cause incremental damages but also
results in sociological and psychological anxiety. It has a kind of spill over
effect in terms of its origin, operation and variations and no nation can
claim to be beyond its ambit.A large numbers of innocent lives have been
lost due to terrorism. Infact it is one of the significant paradoxes of the
contemporary global world where on one hand there are normative
concerns over democracy and people's rights and on the other hand there is
a rise of a fundamentalist mentality determined to crush all opposing ideas
and together they form a vicious circle of death and destruction. The
fundamentalists are globally integrated within their network of crime,
illicit money, contraband sophisticated weaponry and transportation-
communication channels, yet the scholarship of International Relations is
yet to agree on a precise definition of terrorism simply because it has to be
restricted to law or diplomacy but be beyond the ambit of diverse national
laws and above controversies like 'one man's terrorist is another man's
freedom fighter'. Therefore for these reasons the phenomena of
fundamentalism has been rigorously analyzed from various vantage points
in academic literature and policy arena. It is here where Stuart Sim's book
'Fundamentalist World-The New Dark Age of Dogma 'comes in to analyze
what ties fundamentalists together. He makes it clearjthat fundamentalism
is not spontaneous enthusiasm but a powerful influence in religious,
political, social, nationalist and economic spheres with power, security,
control, fulfillment and identity being key concepts of fundamentalist
This book under review identifies the scale of the problem through the
wilderness of fundamentalism. This book contains nine chapters and a brief
* M.Phil Student, Department of International Relations, Jadavpur University.

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