Bali Copyrighting All Balinese Heritage Objects

Author:R. K Dewan & Co
Profession:R. K. Dewan & Co

Bali- the island of thousand temples (literally!); an epitome of cultural richness, brings to the mind historic statues, temples, monuments, etc. with intricate designs and spectacular motifs. Bali is known globally, for its cultural variety such as the sacred dances of rejang dewa and topeng tua, the Titi Banda Statue, Bajra Sandhi Monument and much more. Travellers revel amongst numerous stories related to various gods, kings and queens at almost every cross road! As for the locals, they are said to respect their cultural practices just as much as their livelihood. Incidentally, tourism is a major source of income for Bali.

For such places, where travel and tourism is a dominant source of income, protecting their uniqueness, sanctity and authenticity becomes very important. Recently, Bali's administration has decided to regulate Bali's cultural assets from being pirated. The regulations would protect various cultural activities, structures, dances, music, which can be attributed to Bali, from being misused without authorisation.

Recent reports suggest that...

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