Order of attachment to compel the appearance of a person accused

Updated atMarch 2010

[See Section 83 of the Criminal Procedure Code]

To (name and designation of the person or persons who is or are to execute the warrant).

WHEREAS complaint has been made before me that (name, description and address) has committed (or is suspected to have committed) the offence of punishable under section of the Indian Penal Code, and it has been returned to a warrant of arrest thereupon issued that the said (name) cannot be found; and whereas it has been shown to my satisfaction that the said (name) has absconded (or is concealing himself to avoid the service of the said warrant) and thereupon a Proclamation has been or is being duly issued and published requiring the said to appear to answer the said charge within days; and whereas the said is possessed of the following property, other than land paying revenue to Government, in the village (or town), of, in the District...

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