Assignment of Copyright of Book Reserving Royalty

Updated atMarch 2010

This deed of assignment is made this 5th day of December 1999 between Chirag Desai son of ……………… residing at …………………… (hereinafter called the author) of the one part and Eastern Law Ltd. a company registered under the Companies Act 1956 having its Registered Office and carrying on business of Publishers and Booksellers at 87 D.N .Road, Mumbai 400 001 (hereinafter called the publisher which term shall include its successors and assigns) of the other part. Whereas the author is entitled to the copyright of the book known as ……… and whereas the publishers approached the author for assignment thereof which the author has agreed to do on terms hereunder contained.

Now this deed of assignment witnesses as follows:

(1) In consideration of and subject to the covenants on the part of the publishers as hereinafter contained, the author does hereby grant, convey, transfer, sell, assign and assure unto and to the use of the publishers all that copyright as defined in section 14 of the Copyright Act 1957, of the book entitled ……… on the subject of ……… to have and to hold the same as absolute owners thereof for the full term of copyright as prescribed by law.

(2) The publishers shall, so long as the said work or any adaptation, modification or translation thereof is published and sold, submit to the author twice every year, once during the month of January and the other by June, a statement of account showing details of the copies printed, published, held in stock and sold or disposed of (except otherwise by sale of damaged or destroyed copies) and of the profits, if any, earned thereunder.

(3) The publishers shall pay or cause to be paid to the author or his nominee or nominees a royalty at the rate of ………… per cent on the sale proceeds of the copies of the work or adaptations or translations thereof that may be actually published and as disclosed in the statement of account referred to in clause (2). No royalty shall be payable on any copies of work that may be damaged or destroyed or disposed of otherwise than by regular sale.

(4) That the publishers shall also pay to the author half the net profits earned by them, if any, from transfer, sale or assignment of any of the rights comprising the copyright or from grant of any interest or licence therein: provided that the publishers shall not be entitled to and shall not do or cause anything to be done in derogation of the author’s other rights, particularly the right to royalty reserved hereunder.


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