Appendix F - Temporary injunctions (O.39, r.1.)

Updated atMarch 2010


Upon motion made unto this Court by............., Pleader of [or Counsel for] the plaintiff A.B., and upon reading the petition of the said plaintiff in this matter filed [this day] [or the plaint filed in this suit on the.......... day of............, or the written statement of the said plaintiff filed on the.......... day of ............] and upon hearing the evidence of and in support thereof [if after notice and defendant not appearing: add, and also the evidence of as to service of notice of this motion upon the defendant C.D.l: This Court cloth order that an injunction be awarded to restrain the defendant C.D., his servants, agents and workmen, from pulling down, or suffering to be pulled down, the house in the plaint in the said suit of the plaintiff mentioned [or in the written statement, or petition, of the plaintiff and evidence at the hearing of this motion mentioned], being No.9, Oilmongers Street, Hindupur, in the Taluk of, and from selling the materials whereof the said house is composed, until the hearing of this suit or until the further order of this Court.

Dated this of......... 19


[Where the injunction is sought to restrain the negotiation of a note or bill, the ordering part of the order may run thus:-- ]

to restrain the defendants and from parting with out of the custody of them or any of them or endorsing, assigning or negotiating the promissory note [or bill of exchange] in question, dated on or about the,etc., mentioned in the plaintiff's plaint [or petition] and the evidence heard at this motion until the hearing of this suit, or until the further order of this Court.:

[In Copyright cases] to restrain the defendant C.D., his servants, agents or workmen, from printing publishing or vending a book, called, or any part thereof, until the, etc.

[Where part only of a book is to be restrained]

to restrain the defendant C.D., his servants, agents or work men from printing, selling or otherwise disposing of such arts of the book in the plaint [or petition and evidence, etc.] mentioned to have been published by the defendant as hereinafter specified' namely, that part of the said book which is entitled and also that part which is entitled [or which is contained in page to page both inclusive] until, etc.

[In Patent cases] to restrain the defendant C.D., his agents, servants and workmen, from making or vending any perforated bricks [or as the case may be] upon the principle of the inventions in...

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