Appendix C - Notice to admit facts (O.12, r.15)

Updated atMarch 2010

(Tittle as in No.1, supra.)

Take notice that the plaintiff [or defendant ] in this suit requires the defendant [or plaintiff] to admit, for the purposes of this suit, only the several facts respectively hereunder specified; and the defendant [ or plaintiff] is hereby required, within six days from the service of this notice, to admit the said several facts, saving all just exceptions to the admissibility of such facts as evidence in this suit.

G.H.pleader [or agent] for plaintiff [or defendant].

To E.F., Pleader [or agent] for defendant [ or plaintiff.]

The facts, the admission of which is required, are --

  1. That M.died on the 1st January, 1890.

  2. That...

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