• WOMEN AND LAW: AN INDIAN PERSPECTIVE. History, International Conventions, Indian Constitution and Other Laws relating to Women

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(Prof.V.Hemalathadevi,Ph.D-Law,S.V.University.Specialized in Constitution, Environment Law.30 yrs of teaching,Served as Head,Dean 53 publications-8 international,guided 12 PhDs.Best Teacher Award,Govt.of A.P''08 Prof.B.Vijayalakshmi,Ph.D-Law.As Principal,Dean,BOS in Kakatiya University,25 publications.Guided 5 PhDs.Best Teacher Award,Govt.of A.P''05)


Indian Women did not enjoy equality and status during Medieval Period though they have enjoyed Status During Vedic Period again in Modern Period Equality and Status were provided to Women on Par with Men. After Independence Indian Constitution and other Legislations in acted guaranteed and provided equality, special protection, equal opportunities and equal justice to women. Attempts of Social Reformers were also contributed much for the betterment of Women''s position, many social evils were eradicated by the social reformers and also through Legislative efforts. Special protective and preferential measures were initiated for the empowerment of women. Indian Judiciary also played pivotal role in supporting women''s cause. Many reforms were brought in family life like marriage, adoption, succession etc., atrocities and offenses against women were seriously viewed in criminal law.

MATERIAS: women, Law, Statusanalyse, equality., Dowry, Offenses, domestic violence, Justice, empowerment, Vedic Period.