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  • The Idea Of Customary Law Community Representation In The Regional Representative Council

    The Customary Law Community (Masyarakat Hukum Adat, MHA) as part of the Customary Law System is recognized for its existence and its implementation in the National Land Law (Hukum Tanah Nasional, HTN). In the Explanation of the Basic Agrarian Law (UUPA) it is stated that the function of Customary Law as the main source in the development of HTN, although such recognition is accompanied by conditions as long as in reality they still exist and in accordance with national and state interests. This paper analyses and examines the problems of MHA in the concept of regional representative council. The problem on this paper come up from various problems concerning to ulayat land and its conflict between indigenous people and government. The research emphasized that the main problem is the inequality of perception between the Executive, Judiciary and Legislative institutions in the consistency of compensation payments resulting in the re-claim of Tanah Ulayat (Adat), there is no basis for a multi-dimensional approach (anthropology, sociology and others besides the juridical approach). This means that the formal juridical approach alone does not achieve effective results. The question is whether the constitutional MHA can have representation in the Regional Representative Council (DPD) and what forms of democracy are appropriate and can channel the aspirations of the MHA.

  • Defaults In Credit Agreements: How Are They Settled?

    This study aims to determine whether the debtor has carried out his achievements as they should and knows the legal consequences for the debtor when trying to carry out his achievements more than the specified due date. This research is a normative or doctrinal research that is descriptive in nature using secondary data types. In this research, the data collection technique used is the study of literature. The results showed that Sujono, as the debtor and PT BPR Mranggen Mitra Persada as the creditor had carried out the credit agreement. By fulfilling the legal conditions of the agreement as stipulated in Article 1320 of the Civil Code, both subjective and objective terms, the agreement credit between PT BPR Mranggen Mitra Persada as the creditor and Sujono as the debtor is a legal agreement, but in credit repayments Sujono has an arrears of credit repayments calculated from the principal debt, interest, and costs incurred due to arrears. Since PT BPR Mranggen Mitra Persada filed a lawsuit with the Blora District Court, Sujono as a defendant had no good intention to attend the trial. The Panel of Judges decided to drop the verdict without the presence of the defendant called verstek. From this decision the defendant or Sujono fought against verstek or what was called the verzet. With respect to the verzet submitted by Sujono, the judge considered that the resistance was rejected by the Panel of Judges based on the consideration that Sujono had wrongly determined his legal subject and incorrectly determined the arguments of the resistance proposed by Sujono against PT BPR Mranggen Mitra Persada. Based on the decision of the Panel of Judges, Sujono is still considered to have defaulted and must fulfil his achievements.

  • Policy On Reducing Child Labor As The Elimination Of The Worst Forms Of Child Labor

    The more complex issue of child labor now a days because many children work at school age. Child labor vulnerable to be exploitated, doing hazardous work, mor a land psychological, and hampered to access education. So the government issued a policy Reduction of Child Labour in order to Support the Family Hope Program (PPA-PKH) as efforts to Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child (PBPTA) in order for the child can be returned in the educational unit, Pemalang is one of the districts that run the program PPA -PKH. Problems examined: (1) Implementation of PPA-PKH asefforts of PBPTA in Pemalang (2) Obstacles and over coming obstacles in the implementation of PPA-PKH policiesas PBPTA efforts in Pemalang. This study using sociological juridical approach. Results of the study (1) Implementation of policies PPA-PKH in Pemalang has been run in accordance with the purpose, with the establishment of shelters through three stages: pre shelter, the implementation in the shelter, and after the implementation form shelter and get a recommendation schools (2) Efforts to overcome the obstacles in the implementation of PPA -PKH policies in Pemalang which includes the beneficiaries of data was only 10% valid so that need to perform additional data. Inability of companionon the shelter so tha this attemptstomake psycologis approachand change the way of learning. Lack of coordination between relevant government service to coordinate their efforts and commitment among relevant government service and proposing a scholarship program for the children of beneficiaries. The advice given by the researchers that the data of beneficiaries must be renewed every year, provide socialiszation that bring about beneficiary families about the importance of education impact economic development of families, increased coordination between relevant government service, there is certainly that the child gets a scholarship or BSM for education.

  • Regional Revenue And Expenditures Budget Transparency In The Context Of Regional Financial Law

    This research aims to describe the transparency of the use of the Semarang City Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget and discover the forms, mechanisms and constraints in obtaining transparency of information on the use of the Semarang City Revenue and Expenditure Budget, this research uses a sociological juridical research type approach method, by using primary data and secondary data which are then analyzed using qualitative data analysis.The results of the study can be seen that the transparency of the use of the Semarang City Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget already has internal regulations in the form of Mayor Regulation number 26 of 2012 and forms and mechanisms in accordance with Law number 14 of 2008 although internal and external obstacles are still found that result implementation is less than optimal so that it inhibits the realization of good governance (good governance). The conclusions from the results of the study show that the transparency of the use of the Semarang City Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget is in accordance with Law number 14 of 2008 and already has forms and internal mechanisms, although in the implementation phase there are still obstacles both internally and externally.

  • How Far Is Consumer Protection In The Health Care Sector?

    In health services, it is not uncommon to cause malpractice due to negligence committed by health workers who are not in accordance with professional standards. This paper is intended to analyse concerning to how to protect consumers, the form of legal protection for patients as consumers of medical services and the forms of responsibility of hospitals and doctors as parties to medical services according to Law No. 8 of 1999 concerning Consumer Protection and Law No. 36 of 2009 concerning Health. To answer the question used the normative legal research method, the approach used in legal research is the statute approach­­), and case approach. In the Decision of Central Jakarta District Court No. 287/PDT.G/BTH/2011/PN.JKT.PST) there are 5 (five) rights of consumers who have been neglected by business actors according to Law Number 8 of 1999 concerning Consumer Protection, namely Article 4 points (a), (c), (d), (e), (g), and (h), and according to the Law Number 36 of 2009 concerning Health of consumer rights that are violated is in Articles 5-8, Articles 56-58. Regarding the responsibility given by business actors (RSCM) to consumers (Nina Dwijayanti) in the form of money amounting to Rp 1,776,010,000.00 (one billion seven hundred seventy-six million ten thousand rupiah), in Article 19 paragraph (2) the Consumer Law only recognizes just material compensation but according to Article 46 of Law No.44 of 2009 concerning this compensation house is appropriate.

  • Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement: Is It Able To Reduce Traffic Violations?

    The practice of law enforcement on traffic violations committed by law enforcement officers is currently not enough to satisfy the expectations of the community. Problems often occur in current law enforcement practices, including vulnerability to corruption and convoluted bureaucracy in dealing with the process of law enforcement, especially for traffic violations. The practice of law enforcement itself cannot only be shackled in the current legal rigidity, in this condition a legal breakthrough or legal progression is needed, so that our law can adjust to the times and demands of society. The E-TLE (Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement) system created by the Semarang Traffic Police Unit is a breakthrough in law in law enforcement practices that are applied to traffic violations in the City of Semarang in order to bring a fast, precise, clean and transparent law enforcement system. In this context, progressive legal theory is used to create a breakthrough in progressive law enforcement in the E-TLE Satlantas Polrestabes Semarang system against traffic violations in the city of Semarang.

  • Health Facility Licensing Dispute

    Clinic is a health service facility that organizes individual health services that provide basic and/or specialist medical services. Primary Clinic (Klinik Pratama) is a Clinic that organizes basic medical services both general and specific. To establish a Klinik Pratama so that it can operate through a series of licensing processes namely Nuisance/Hinder Ordonnantie Permit (HO), Establishment Permit Clinic (IMK) and Clinical Operating Permit (IOK). The results of this process are overlapping or repetitive requirements, making the process ineffective and inefficient. This research is intended to analyze the dispute on health facility licensing in Padang City, West Sumatra. This paper analyzes overlapping of clinical licensing. The main problems that analyzed in this paper concerning to analyze and review clinical licensing, analyze licensing regulations at the Padang City level as a basis for recommendations on simplification, deletion and merging of licenses by the Padang City Government.

  • Tinjauan Yuridis Putusan Mahkamah Konstitusi Nomor 46/Puu?Viii/2010 Tentang Kedudukan Anak Diluar Nikah Yang Diakui Dalam Pembagian Warisan

    Putusan Mahkamah Konstitusi Nomor 46/PUU-VIII/2010 telah melakukan judicial review terhadap Pasal 43 ayat 1 Undang-Undang Nomor 1 Tahun 1974.Putusan Mahkamah Konstitusi ini menimbulkan pro-kontra di kalangan tokoh masyarakat menyangkut pengertian dan penjelasan dari Putusan Mahkamah Konstitusi tentang anak diluar nikah.Permasalahan dalam penelitian ini adalahbagaimanakah pengaturan hukum dan akibat yuridis Putusan Mahkamah Konstitusi Nomor 46/PUU-VIII/2010 tentang anak diluar nikah yang diakui mengenai status kedudukan dan pembagian warisan. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mendeskripsikan pengaturan hukum kedukan anak di luar nikah pembagian warisan dan akibat yuridis Putusan Mahkamah Konstitusi Nomor 46/PUU-VIII/2010.Penelitian ini menggunakan metode penelitian kualitatif.Untuk menganalisa data, penelitimengadakan penelusuran terhadap azas-azas hukum dan sistematika hukum.Hasil penelitian Putusan Mahkamah Konstitusi Nomor 46/PUU-VIII/2010 memperjelas kedudukan anak di luar nikah yang diakui dasar hukum dalam mendapatkan kepastian hukum mengenai kedudukan anak diluar nikah yang di akui. Putusan Mahkamah Konstitusi ini bisa dijadikan landasan yuridis terkait hubungan keperdataan dengan ayah biologisnya.Kedudukan anak di luar nikah yang diakui pada dasarnya diakibatkan oleh sebuah perkawinan.Jika perkawinan dilakukan hanya mengikuti Pasal 2 ayat 1 UUP saja, maka perkawinan disebut ”luar perkawinan”, oleh karena itu Pasal 43 ayat 1 UUP tidak berdiri sendiri, sangat berkaitan dengan adanya perkawinan sebagaimana diatur oleh Pasal 2 UU No. 1 Tahun 1974 tentang perkawinan dan perumusan hukum waris anak di luar nikah di akui secara hukum perdata tercantum makna bahwa dalam mendapatkan sebuah kewarisan harus disertai dengan adanya pengakuan yang sah terhadap orang tuanya. Anak di luar nikah yang diakui sepanjang perkawinan dalam mendapatkan pengakuan tidak boleh merugikan pihak suami atau istri dalam perkawinan yang sah tersebut.Seorang anak di luar nikah dilarang menyelidiki ayah biologisnya sepanjang ibu dari anak diluar nikah yang diakui telah tiada atau meninggal dunia.Jadi Putusan MK ini dalam melakukan sebuah tes DNA, seorang anak di luar nikah harus didampingi oleh ibu kandungnya dalam melakukan sebuah pengakuan terhadap ayah biologisnya.

  • Pelaksanaan Mediasi Penal Dalam Penyelesaian Tindak Pidana Penganiayaan

    Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui dasar hukum pelaksanaan medisai penal terhadap kasus penganiayaan di Polsek Gunungpati Kota Semarang, dan untuk mengetahui cara pelaksanaan mediasi penal yang dilakukan di Polsek Gunungpati Kota Semarang untuk memperoleh kesepakatan damai antara korban penganiayaan dan pelaku penganiayaan. Metode penelitian menggunakan jenis penelitian kualitatif dengan pendekatan yuridis sosiologis. Hasil penelitian yaitu bahwa dasar hukum pelaksanaan mediasi penal di Polsek Gunungpati Kota Semarang pada saat ini belum ada dasar hukumnya secara integral yang mengatur jenis tindak pidana apa yang bisa diselesaikan secara mediasi penal di Kepolisian. Cara pelaksanaan mediasi penal yang dilakukan di Polsek Gunungpati Kota Semarang untuk memperoleh kesepakatan damai antara korban penganiayaan dan pelaku penganiayaan adalah dilakukan disebuah ruangan khusus di Polsek Gunungpati Kota Semarang agar para pihak bernegoisasi untuk memperoleh kesepakatan damai dengan seorang mediator dari penyidik Polsek Gunungpati Kota Semarang. Model mediasi penal yang dipakai oleh Polsek Gunungpati Kota Semarang adalah model mediasi penal Victim-Offenders Mediation dan Family and Community Group Conferences. Simpulan penelitian ini adalah acuan pelaksanaan mediasi penal merujuk pada groun norm yaitu Pancasila Sila ke-5, UUD 1945 dan pasal - pasal secara parsial yang tercantum di dalam KUHAP, dan Undang - Undang No.2 Tahun 2002 Tentang Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia. Pelaksanaan mediasi penal dalam penyelesaian tindak pidana di Polsek Gunungpati Kota Semarang menggunakan model mediasi penal Victim-Offenders Mediation dan penal Family and Community Group Conferences.

  • Dasar Pertimbangan Hakim Pengadilan Militer Dalam Menjatuhkan Putusan Putusan Terhadap Tni (Tentara Nasional Indonesia) Sebagai Pelaku Tindakan Asusila (Studi Atas Putusan No. 28-K / Pm.Ii-10 / Ad / Iv / 2013 Di Mahkamah Militer Ii -10 Semarang)

    Keputusan 28-K / PM.II-10 / AD / IV / 2013 tentang penyerangan kriminal asusila berkomitmen oleh salah satu anggota TNI. Rumusan masalah ini (1) Bagaimana pertimbangan dasar dalam hakim Pengadilan Militer memutuskan terhadap para pelaku tindak pidana yang dilakukan oleh anggota TNI cabul dalam Putusan 28-K / PM.II-10 / AD / IV / 2013 (2) bagaimana dasar pertimbangan Hakim Pengadilan Militer yang seharusnya putusan 28-K / PM.II-10 / AD / IV / 2013.Tujuan tesis ini untuk menentukan (1) Dasar pertimbangan dalam hakim Pengadilan Militer memutuskan terhadap pelaku kejahatan asusila yang dilakukan oleh anggota yang berkuasa TNIpada 28-K / PM.II-10 / AD / IV / 2013 (2) Pertimbangan .Dasar Pengadilan Militer hakim yang seharusnya keputusan 28-K / PM.II-10 / AD / IV / 2013. Metode yang digunakan adalah pendekatan yuridis normatif kualitatif penelititian. Sedangkan metode pengumpulan data yang digunakan adalah studi pustaka dan wawancara. Dan sumber pengumpulan data adalah data sekunder. Hasil penelitian ini adalah (1) menjadi pertimbangan yuridis dan non-yuridis, terutama untuk dipertimbangkan dan tindakan dari terdakwa yang telah bertentangan dengan sendi disiplin di lingkungan militer dan hasil analisis yang penulis satu hakim dalam kasus ini memerintah. (2) Dasar pertimbangan yang harus menilai keputusan 28-K / PM.II-10 / AD / IV / 2013 termasuk dalam mempertimbangkan putusan, yang antara lain, dalam hal beban karena posisi; perbarengan. Dalam hal kemudahan menyatakan bahwa terdakwa telah melayani selama 16 tahun. Kesimpulan dari penelitian ini adalah 1) menjadi pertimbangan yuridis dan non-yuridis, terutama untuk dipertimbangkan dan hasil analisis penulis bahwa majelis hakim salah dalam menerapkan putusan yang dijatuhkan kepada terdakwa. (2) Dasar pertimbangan yang harus menilai keputusan Nomor 28-K / PM.II-10 / AD / IV / 2013 termasuk dalam mempertimbangkan putusan, yang antara lain, hal yang memberatkan karena posisi, perbarengan. Dalam hal dicantumkanTerdakwa kemudahan telah melayani selama 16 tahun.Saran dalam penelitian ini diharapkan dalam keputusan berikutnya dari Militer Hakim Pengadilan lebih berhati-hati dalam memeriksa dan memutuskan kasus pidana.

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