• The Effects of Sharing Water between Bangladesh and India. A practical analysis and recommendations

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(The author is a practicing Solicitor in England & Wales. He is also a qualified Advocate in Bangladesh. He has obtained LLB from University of Calcutta, India; LLB (Hons) from University of Wolverhampton, UK; PGD in International Trade Law from Northumbria University and LLM in International Law and World Economy from University of East London, UK.)


The importance of Global Environmental Movement has taken a vital place all over the World and the governments around the worlds have also given priority to emphasis the Global Environmental Movement issues. All the Nations have had been realising the effect of Global Warming and facing the disadvantages of the changes. Most importantly, all the Nations are scared to face the coming effects of the Global Environmental Changes if UN fails to unite the Nations in a unanimous platform to save the World. This book is a little effort to engage the author in the movement to save the World from the Global Environmental Changes. In this book the author has focused his work in relation to the Effect of Trans-boundary Sharing Water because equal Sharing water could help in various ways to face the challenge of Global Environmental effect. Further the author has emphasised mainly the effect of sharing water between Bangladesh and India, by comparing with other regional and bilateral trans-boundary agreements because Bangladesh has had been suffering in many ways because of unequal sharing water with India.

MATERIA: The Effect of Sharing Water between Bangladesh and India