• Sexual Harassment and Law in India. Indian Perspective

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(Dr. P.K. Pandey is associated with Centre for Juridical Studies, Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh. He has done LL.B. and LL.M. from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi and Ph.D. from B. B. Ambedkar (Central) University, Lucknow. He received UGC Merit Scholarship during LL.M. study. He has written three books and edited two books also.)


The analysis of Indian history shows that women have been always revered in various forms. Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of Nation, respected woman as ‘the maker and silent leader of man.’ But, due to passage of time their conditions deteriorated and they were kept within four walls where they accepted, under compulsions, the role of child rearing and caring. They accepted it without any revolt and male dominated society got a good opportunity to dominate and rule them. But, with advent of The Constitution of India, the condition of women started to improve de jure. In principle, they have many rights and claims to live a dignified life but in practice, those rights are very far from them. In other words, those rights and claims are languishing on paper only. The role and fate of a woman in society is determined not by law rather by inhuman, unreasonable, and unfair so called cultures which have nothing to do with a man of same age, same family and same condition. De facto, women have to face humiliation before their birth till last breath; within and outside their family. This book is an attempt to bring forth the various aspects of sexual harassment harassment in India.

MATERIAS: women, sexual harassment, violence