• Restorative Justice in Preventing Custodial Crimes in India. Restorative Justice, Human Rights, Custodial Crimes, Causes, Consequences, Care

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(Kamlesh Kumar completed a Ph.D.at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences(-Deemed University) in 2009 and is currently Research Officer at Centre for Socio-Legal Studies and Human Rights at Tata Institute of Social Sciences(TISS), Mumbai, India.)


With the growing interest in restorative justice around the globe in conflict transformation, several questions about appropriateness arise. One area often questioned is the use of restorative processes in cases of Custodial violence.Resstorative justice model argues that holding punitive views towards police criminality will contined victimisation in police custody rather restorative justice on the otherhand, hold out the possibilities of restorative processesses in changing behaviour of offenders and empowering victims may lead to preventing the menace of custodial violence. In this context, many issues in the debate around the use of restorative justice in cases of custodial violence in India presented in the book.

MATERIAS: Police Custody, Causes, Caregivers, consequences, Custodial Crimes