• Legal Planet of Environment in Gujarat, India. Enforciability of environmental legislation in G.I.D.C Amadavad with special context of water act and a

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(Dr. Mayuri Pandya is Principal I/C, Sir L. A. Shah Law College, Ahmedabad, India. Dr. Pandya has several original publications five book chapters and one book to her credit. She has presented more than 35 research papers in national and international academic meetings. She is fellow of law in universiies and high repute organizations.)


Water and air are the basic fabric for the human life. Due to the human race of development the quality of water and air has been deteriorated. Water and Air Pollution are the key issues to address through the legal tools. The enforceability of the environmental legislation is the critical issue globally. There is an urgent need to change the paradigm of laws from command and control mechanism to the precautionary approach.This book is the guide to amend the existing environmental laws to enforce effectively. International environmental law principles are required to be incorporated in the national environmental jurisrudence for effective implementation by the developing nations. It is the need of an hour to achieve the sustainable development by amending the existing frame work of environmental laws.

MATERIAS: Enforciability, Environmental Legislation, Water Activity, Airline Deregulation Act, Gujarat, India