• Labour Laws in India. - A INSIGHT IN TO THE LAWS

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(DR. SAVITA PATHAK,MA ECONOMICS, MBA, PhD, - DIRECTOR,JSPM`S Abacus Institute of Computer Applications, PUNE, INDIA.)


The history of labour legislation in India is naturally interwoven with the history of British colonialism. Considerations of British political economy were naturally paramount in shaping some of these early laws.But Today there is a change in the system and the condition in India. This book deals with all the aspects of Labour Laws.Government need to encourage and make understand the workers about the need and essence of reform of labourregulation. It is the responsibility of the Government to convince the workers to support the reform procedures. But this reform will only be successful, if the Governments assure the workers of some complimentary policies which will provide the social security and benefit in the welfare of the workers

MATERIAS: Labour Laws, Factories law.