• Indian Youth And Law In Globalised World. An Observation

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Dr. Anuradha Parasar is Ph.D., NET, LL.B., MBA, M.A. Sociology, M. Sc. Anthropology, B.A. (Additional) Sociology, B.Sc. Presently she is Deputy Registrar & Faculty at NIIT University, Neemrana, India.)


Globalization offers each and every member of society clear economic opportunities and benefits but it comes with substantial social costs that often appear to affect young people more as they are in their tenuous transitional status within an uncertain and rapidly evolving global context. Hence this book explores the Indian Youth experiences with globalization and its co-relationship with the law of the land. The book gives an insight to the ambiguities and contradictions that characterizes globalization, providing an assessment of its different implications on Indian Youth, its contribution to local-global tensions and its tendency to simultaneously promote linkages and divisions, inclusion and exclusion and connectedness and isolation.

MATERIAS: Policy, Youth, Law, India, globalisation, Rights, constitution